Every day men and women are released from incarceration with no way of meeting their immediate needs. Whether those needs are jobs, educational and financial resources, or access to drug rehabs, the percentage of acquiring those needs insufficient time is rare. Nevertheless, the funds it takes to get to these resources are nonexistent for some newly released individuals. Point blank period the struggle of Post incarceration in one of America’s most significant conflicts. And one that is not well addressed. ConConnect is the first-ever social; network/recruiting platform for the formerly incarcerated to connect with the resources they need. From trusted employers, nonprofits, to drug rehabs for the large percentage of newly release who pledge to stay clean. Life is hard. With connections, it doesn’t have to be, and The Founders of ConConnect stands by it. We will provide employers, nonprofits, and drug rehabs a platform top recruit the people who desire theyre needs. Employers can trust that through our prestige vetting process that all our talent is qualified for the role in any industry. And we also direct you towards the federal bonding program and tax break incentives for hiring felons. Nonprofits and drug Rehabs can use ConConnect to engage and broaden their reentry missions, obtain users, and sponsor events.

REDEFINING equal Opportunity
  • Recruit
  • Network
  • Large pool of qualified talent
  • Consultants