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Welcome To The Future Of Reentry
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Formerly Incarcerated

The Connected Professional Membership serves individuals affected by the justice system (formerly incarcerated), probation, and (or) parole. With this premium subscription, you‘ll be given exclusive access to create your professional profile on ConConnect and immediately have access to Reentry services, employment, counseling, a community of your peers, and much more. Consider it everything you need to win in your Reentry.

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The ConConnect Organization Membership gives Reentry‘s and Organizations assisting justice impacted individuals a profile with tools to help you in your organizational mission. Utilize technology to advance your current clients by finding external resources, finding potential clients who need your services, network with other Reentry leaders and prison reform advocates, and much more inside.

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The ConConnect Employ Membership works for single recruiters, small businesses, or enterprises. In our professional social network, employers can network and engage with top talent before hiring, learn about what they‘ve accomplished then hire based on what they‘re doing, not what they‘ve done.

Founders Note

ConConnect was made to inspire professionalism, make your Reentry easily accessible and provide you with the resources, community, and services for you to connect, learn and advance.

Welcome to the future of Reentry

Employers Note

There has never been a more critical time in history for Diversity and Inclusion within your company. And we understand that trust is incredibly important when hiring one of our candidates. For those ready for employment, we rigorously review each candidate‘s qualifications and education. You will see this rigor when browsing our talent network with badges verifying a candidate‘s education and previous work.